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Best Social Media WordPress Plugins for 2021

June 05, 2023

Without the right tools, the person will have to manually copy the blog link, navigate to the social network, login, and paste it before sharing it. They can also decide that sharing your post isn’t worthwhile. Alternatively, they can get distracted and forget to share it. WordPress plugins for social media will make it easier for visitors to post content with only one click.

We’ve narrowed it down to the six best social media WordPress plugins after looking at hundreds of them:

  • Social Locker
  • Social Warfare
  • Smash Balloon Photo Feed
  • Super Socializer
  • Revive Old Post
  • Kiwi Social Share
  • Easy Select and Share

1. Social Locker (Regular License $27)

Simply putting social media icons on your website isn’t enough to attract people to join you or share your posts. By using this plugin, you can boost your odds.

Since Social Locker limits the premium content, this is the case. Let’s presume you have an ebook available on your website. You use social media interaction as a currency instead of charging for downloads. The ebook is unlocked anytime someone supports, loves, or posts content on your website.

If you usually charge for different forms of content on your website and don’t want to give it away for free, you can use these social engagements to create discounts.

This plugin assists you in the social media traffic while still attracting quality followers. With social media incorporation on your website, you can create new leads and improve conversions.

2. Social Warfare (Free)

Since it’s so easy, Social Warfare is one of the best social media WordPress plugins. Some plugins have a reputation for slowing down your website, but Social Warfare isn’t one of them.

This plugin attaches social media icons to the website in order to maximize shares. You may have buttons for the most widely used social media platforms, such as:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

You will get share buttons for other sites like Reddit, WhatsApp, Buffer, Tumblr, Wallet, and more if you upgrade to Social Warfare Pro.

You may also put the sharing buttons precisely where you like them in Social Warfare. You may add them above, below, or both above and below your text, or manually position them on your pages. This plugin also has floating share icons, which ensure that the sharing buttons are still visible as a user scrolls through the pages.

3. Smash Balloon Photo Feed (Free)

The Smash Balloon Photo Feed WordPress plugin helps you to directly post Instagram content on your website.

Visitors would get a clearer sense of the kind of content you share on Instagram if you add your Instagram updates to your website. They won’t have to look through your Instagram profile either. This is an excellent way to grow your Instagram following. It’s also a brilliant way to keep the website up to date with the latest Instagram photos.

The plugin is simple to set up. All you have to do now is link your Instagram account and decide where you want your Instagram feed to appear on your website.

4. Super Socializer (Free)

Allowing users to create a customer profile on your website helps everyone.

The user will get more customized content, and you will gain more insight into your customers, allowing you to better target them. It’s a win-win scenario for everybody.

Users will also create an account and connect in a single click because they’re most likely already signed in to their social media accounts. Furthermore, they would not be required to recall a new username and password.

about your website users. You should target people based on their interests and preferences on social media. With Super Socializer, you can also allow social comments. This is an excellent way to stimulate discussion and increase the number of views on your blog entries.

5. Revive Old Post ($75 for one website)

What happens when you write your blog posts? In an ideal future, they will still be important in terms of SEO, but that doesn’t mean they’ll help you out on social media.

Another question: how do you choose what on post to social media? Coming up with social media post ideas isn’t always easy.

Both of these problems are resolved by Restore Social’s Revive Old Post WordPress plugin. This plugin would automatically post your previously published content on social media sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

Other than only the blog posts can be shared with Revive Old Post. It can even share the website’s pages, personalized blogs, and media. The plugin will pull photos from your content and connect them to the social media post automatically.

You’ll have full power over the distribution of each post. Perhaps all you need is the title of your post or blog. Any of you may like something else, like a hashtag or new copy.

Your Google Analytics account can be linked to Revive Old Post. This is perfect for campaign monitoring to see how effective these ties are. Overall, it’s a perfect way to simplify your social media sharing while still growing website traffic.

6. Kiwi Social Share (Free)

Kiwi Social Share is a WordPress plugin for ordinary users. If you’re looking for a plugin that’s simple to add, configure, and won’t overwhelm you with so many complicated functions, this is the one to go for.

You can use Kiwi Social Share to make personalized icons for social media sharing on your website. You can put the icons exactly where you like them, as well as enable a floating bar that is always visible. They’ll even let you adjust the scale and shape of the sharing buttons.

Kiwi Social Share does not slow down the website and helps you to create beautifully pleasing social networking icons for your visitors. Installing this plugin places you in a better position to boost website engagement and achieve more social media attention.

7. Easy Select and Share (Free) (Regular License $9)

Easy Select And Share is a straightforward yet attractive social sharing plugin for WordPress. The plugin allows you to share the content you’ve chosen on prominent social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Furthermore, it has 10+ predefined layouts that a user may utilize straight on the site.

The plugin allows you to choose between two sorts of social networking buttons: icons and images. The plugin allows users to your website to share any sentence or phrase from the post on social media. It enables custom post types such as pages, posts, and so on. It is a simple plugin that does not require any technical knowledge to install.

Top features to look for in a social media plugin

  • Social icons — This reminds visitors to your website that you have social media accounts. They will be immediately led to the appropriate profile if they click on a button.
  • Website users can post content from your blog to their social media accounts with only one click using social networking icons.
  • Showcase your social media feeds directly on your website with social feeds. This feature offers visitors to your website an indication of what they should expect if they follow your social media accounts.
  • Social locking — Use a social locking feature to limit access to your best content. If a website user takes a certain step, such as following you or posting information on social media, content may be activated.
  • Automated posting — Rather than manually sharing posts from your website to social media, you can use plugins to do it for you.

Now that you know what the best social media WordPress plugins have to do, it’s time to look for the best ones to consider.

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