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Part: HTML Basics

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the standard markup language used for creating web pages. It provides the structure and elements that define the content and layout of a webpage.

HTML Horizontal Line

The HTML horizontal line is created using the

(horizontal rule) element. It is a self-closing tag, meaning it doesn’t require a closing tag.

HTML pre Tag


 tag stands for "preformatted text" and is used to present text exactly as it appears in the HTML code.

HTML Line break

Adding a line break in HTML is accomplished using the
element. Unlike most HTML elements, the
element does not require a closing tag.

HTML Description List

HTML description lists are created using the

(description list) element, which is followed by one or more pairs of



HTML Ordered List

HTML ordered lists are created using the

    (ordered list) element, followed by one or more

  1. (list item) elements.

HTML Unordered List

HTML unordered list allows us to create bullet-pointed lists to present information in a clear and structured manner.

HTML Lists

HTML lists are a fundamental feature that is crucial in structuring and organizing content on web pages.

HTML Tables

With their structured layout and versatile functionality, HTML tables provide a clear and organized way to display information.

HTML Comments

HTML comments are a valuable feature that allows web developers to add notes and explanations within their code.

HTML Headings

By utilizing HTML headings effectively, web developers can improve readability, enhance navigation, and provide a clear hierarchy of information.