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Part: CSS Animations

CSS animations allow web developers to bring elements to life by adding motion and interactivity to web pages. With CSS animations, you can create smooth transitions, transform properties, and create engaging effects that enhance the user experience.


animation-timing-function is a CSS property that determines the pace and acceleration of an animation.


animation-direction is a CSS property that determines the direction in which an animation plays.

animation-delay and animation-fill-mode

animation-delay and animation-fill-mode, when used effectively, can enhance the timing and state control of animations,

CSS Keyframe Animation

CSS keyframe animations allow you to create smooth and dynamic animations by specifying a series of keyframes that define how an element should appear at various points during the animation.

CSS Transitions

CSS transitions allow you to smoothly animate changes in CSS properties over a specified duration.

Simple 3D Transforms

3D transforms in CSS allow you to add depth and dimension to web elements, creating visually engaging effects.

CSS Transform

CSS Transform is a CSS property that allows you to modify the appearance and layout of an element by applying various transformations.