Adding a line break in HTML is accomplished using the <br> element. Unlike most HTML elements, the <br> element does not require a closing tag. It acts as a self-closing tag, allowing us to create a line break without the need for additional content.

Let’s take a look at a simple example:

  This is the first line.<br>
  This is the second line.

In the above example, we have a paragraph (<p>) element containing two lines of text. By inserting the <br> element between the two lines, we create a line break. When rendered in a web browser, this code will display the text as follows:

This is the first line.
This is the second line.

The <br> element is particularly useful when we want to create line breaks within paragraphs, addresses, poetry, or any other content that requires manual control over line breaks. It allows us to break the text flow and create a visual separation between lines.

It’s worth noting that using excessive line breaks solely for spacing purposes is not considered good practice. Instead, CSS should be utilized to control the spacing and layout of elements on a webpage. The <br> element is best reserved for instances where a specific line break is required, such as in poetry or when displaying addresses.

Another way to add line breaks in HTML is by using CSS properties, such as margin or padding. These properties can be applied to elements to create spacing between lines without the need for explicit line break tags. However, using CSS properties for line breaks is beyond the scope of this article, and we will focus solely on the <br> element.

In conclusion, adding line breaks in HTML is a straightforward process accomplished by using the <br> element. By inserting this self-closing tag within the desired content, we can create line breaks and visually separate lines of text. However, it is essential to use line breaks judiciously and consider CSS properties for controlling spacing and layout whenever possible. With this knowledge in hand, you can effectively format and present your content with the appropriate line breaks, enhancing the readability and visual structure of your web pages.