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Exploring different campaign types and Goals

May 23, 2023
Introduction to Google Ads

Google Ads offers various campaign types and goals to cater to different advertising objectives. Let’s explore some of the commonly used campaign types and their respective goals:

Search Network Campaigns

Goal: Increase Website Traffic and Conversions

Search Network campaigns display text ads to users who are actively searching for specific keywords on Google’s search engine. The goal is to drive relevant traffic to your website and generate conversions, such as form submissions, purchases, or sign-ups.

Display Network Campaigns

Goal: Raise Brand Awareness and Expand Reach

Display Network campaigns reach users through image or text ads displayed on a vast network of partner websites, blogs, and apps. The goal is to increase brand visibility, reach a broader audience, and create awareness of your products or services.

Video Campaigns

Goal: Engage and Capture Attention

Video campaigns serve ads on platforms like YouTube and the Google Display Network, allowing you to share video content with your target audience. The goal is to engage users through compelling video ads, tell your brand story, and drive actions such as views, clicks, or subscriptions.

Shopping Campaigns

Goal: Drive Sales and Promote Products

Shopping campaigns are designed for e-commerce businesses. They showcase product images, details, and prices directly on Google’s search results or in the Shopping tab. The goal is to increase product visibility, drive qualified traffic, and boost online sales.

App Campaigns

Goal: Increase App Installs and Engagement

App campaigns are specifically tailored for promoting mobile apps across various Google platforms, including search, display, YouTube, and Google Play Store. The goal is to increase app installs, drive in-app conversions, and engage users with your app.

Local Campaigns

Goal: Drive Store Visits and Offline Conversions

Local campaigns aim to promote physical store locations by displaying ads across Google platforms, including search, display, maps, and YouTube. The goal is to drive foot traffic to your stores, increase store visits, and generate offline conversions.

Smart Campaigns

Goal: Simplify Campaign Management for Small Businesses

Smart campaigns, formerly known as AdWords Express, are designed for small businesses with limited time and resources. They utilize automation to simplify campaign setup and management, targeting local customers and driving relevant actions such as calls or website visits.

When selecting a campaign type, consider your specific advertising goals and the nature of your business. Each campaign type offers unique targeting options, ad formats, and features tailored to specific objectives. It’s important to align your campaign type with your desired outcomes to ensure effective advertising strategies and optimal results.

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